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 BlueEyesWarrior's test results

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PostSubject: BlueEyesWarrior's test results   Sun Feb 14, 2016 5:04 pm

Duel Location(DN, YGOPRO, DEVPRO): DN

Testers Deck: 60 card Frightfur
Testers Name: (BlackFlame)Zenwolf

Testee's Deck: Red-eyes
Testee's Name: BlueEyesWarrior

Banned Decks: Exodia, Burn, Stall, Alternate win conditions, ect.....

The test will consist of a match

Duel Results:10 /30
0-2 = 0
1-2 = 10
2-1 = 20
2-0 = 30

Deck commonness: 10/20
If it is a really used deck the testee will receive a 5.

Ruling Knowledge: 14/15
This is to see if the testee knows his/her rulings.

Duel Skill:23 /25
Not based on the testee's wins but on there overall skill as a duelist

Flexibility: 10/10
Testee's ability to adapt to the circumstances of a duel

Duel Control: (1st)10+(2nd)5+(3rd)2/20 (each duel)
Based of how the testee controlled the duel

Use of Cards:13 /15
How well the testee used cards and their effects to his/her advantage

Deck Build: 20/20
This is for the tester to rate the testee on how well there deck is built.

Concentration: 23/25
How well the testee paid attention. And how well they Know the situation and what's going on

Card Knowledge: 25/25

Entrance Test Total Score: 165/205
Congratulations and welcome to: Summoned Skull  cheers  cheers  cheers  cheers

Blue Eyes White Dragon 180-205 (200-205 Are allowed to be a legendary duelist if they wish)
Summoned Skull 146-179
Toon Gemini Elf 0-145
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BlueEyesWarrior's test results
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