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 Testing rubric

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PostSubject: Testing rubric   Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:22 pm

Testing will be automatically in Link format, however if the testee is more comfortable without, we can do that.



(Tester deck vs Testee deck)


Match One: 12 possible points

0-2 (0 points)
1-2 (4 points
2-1 (8 points)
2-0 (12 points)


Deck Construction Total: 22 possible points

How well constructed is the testees deck?  

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 12 possible points

Did the cards they have work well together?

Originality and Rarity: 5 possible points

How original is the testees deck? Did they have any unusual techs?

(Example) If you use True Draco, or True Draco Zoodiac, you get 0 points.

Side Deck Number of Cards:5 possible points

How well is the testees sidedeck? Is it focused to combat the current top decks without crippling yourself?


Performance Total: 30 possible points

Was the testee in full control of the duel? Did they use their cards to the fullest?

Siding: 10 possible points

What side deck choices did the testee make, were they beneficial?


Attitude:4 possible points

Was the testee salty when they lost? Were they rude beforehand?

Total will be out of 100 possible points.

0-49 Toon Gemini Elf
50-90 Toon Summoned Skull
91-100 Toon Blue Eyes
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Testing rubric
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