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 CC605's Test Results

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PostSubject: CC605's Test Results   Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:57 pm


(Nekroz vs Ice Barrier Lockdown)


Match One: 4/12

0-2 (0 points)
1-2 (4 points
2-1 (8 points)
2-0 (12 points)


Deck Construction Total: 17/22

Cancer. Their deck was pure cancer and omg. The cards seemed to work together really well. I see a few sub-optimal choices. One example is the Dark Hole over Raigeki. Another is running Aegis of the Ocean Lords. Waboku is a much better choice while offering better defense. Cards of Demise might be an interesting tech to try eventually.

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 9/12

Plenty of synergy, however it was very slow, and didn't have a consistent way to get over 2500+ attack monsters. The traps used were very slow.

Originality and Rarity: 5/5

Ice Barriers for fucks sake. Is there any other score?

(Example) If you use True Draco, or True Draco Zoodiac, you get 0 points.

Side Deck Number of Cards:0/5

I can see where you're going with the side deck choices, however think about your decks biggest weaknesses. Backrow removal and big monsters, to combat that. You want to run side deck choices that counter your own weaknesses. For example, Solidarity. I think most of your monsters are Aqua, Solidarity gives a nice +800 attack boost for all your monsters. Also,try Starlight Road or My Body as a Shield. Both prevent Twin Twister and some destruction effects.


Performance Total: 23/30

That was interesting. The first duel I got OTK'd. I don't know how. The 2nd duel was very very grindy and I'm happy I got out Lightning eventually. Overall they were good matches. I was getting very frustrated because my monsters were lv 4 and higher, which mean't I was getting hit by the brunt of his traps. (Cough Cancer cough). He did good, a couple situations where I would have gone into an xyz, Treatoad would've definitely stopped some plays.

Siding: 3/10

Wasn't the best possible side deck choices, however they worked with what they did have.



Very positive attitude, was very humble about losing.

Total will be out of 100 possible points.

0-49 Toon Gemini Elf
50-90 Toon Summoned Skull
91-100 Toon Blue Eyes

Welcome to Toon Summoned Skull! Your deck was cancer, however I can already see multiple ways to help improve your deck so it becomes even more cancer. ^_- I feel like you have the potential to get a much higher score, just work on the maindeck a little and the side deck!
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CC605's Test Results
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