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 TheHorror's Test Results

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PostSubject: TheHorror's Test Results   Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:42 am


(ABC Link vs Invoked Spellboob Windwitch)


Match One: 12/12

0-2 (0 points)
1-2 (4 points
2-1 (8 points)
2-0 (12 points)


Deck Construction Total: 18/22

From what I saw from the decklist, it was well constructed. The cards worked together well, however it seemed like a clash of normal summons.

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 10/12

On paper they work together, however with the introduction of links the deck has slowed down considerably.

Originality and Rarity: 1/5

It's a popular deck in the OCG, not as common in the TCG yet.

(Example) If you use True Draco, or True Draco Zoodiac, you get 0 points.

Side Deck Number of Cards:3/5

Side deck is ok. It has a lot of Zoodiac counters, however the True Draco match-up seems very difficult.


Performance Total: 23/30

Game 1 was a blow-out, I got hit with 2 board wipes, xD. Rip the dream. Anyways, he did pretty good with Mechaba. I wasn't able to see much.

Game 2 was interesting. In his turn he forgot to use the lv 1 Windwitch effect to go into a first turn Crystal Wing Syncro Dragon. From there it was just a steady grind. He did well with what he had.

Siding: 6/10

Dimensional Barrier was a good choice, and I can see where you wee going with Chalice, however I would have defiently sided in the Artifact Engine.



Polite, was friendly.

Total will be out of 100 possible points.

0-49 Toon Gemini Elf
50-90 Toon Summoned Skull
91-100 Toon Blue Eyes

Welcome to Toon Summoned Skull! I liked your deck, however I would try the Brilliant Fusion engine. I know you already have a lot of engines, but your deck at the moment can only get 1 big boss monster out at once. With the Brilliant Fusion engine, you can normal summon blueboy, and Aleister, then going into Decode Talker to Proxy dragon. This allows you to get both Crystal Wing and Mechaba, which is ultimately a much better field then just Crystal Wing and a backrow.
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TheHorror's Test Results
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